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Hua Hin Area

Situated in southern Thailand, Hua Hin is considered the most seaside resort of Thailand.
Bordering the Gulf of Siam on the west coast of Thailand, Hua Hin has an advantage. It is separated by only 200 km to Bangkok.
Today, Hua Hin is a booming tourist destination, many travelers spend their holidays in this region. In 1920, when King Rama VII set his heart on Hua Hin to build a magnificent palace and make the summer destination of the royal family, Hua Hin comes down to a few bungalows bitten on the pristine sand. At this point, Hua Hin became THE fashionable seaside resort, retreat of the aristocracy when the excessive heat scares rich people in the capital.

If the Royal family still has its summer quarters, Hua Hin is best known to tourists for its traditional fishing port, seafood restaurants feet in the water and its splendid beach that‘s spread over three kilometers. Further south, beautiful hills.